Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exercise class

Rachel Neeley is new in our ward and is offering the following wonderful opportunity!!

I wanted to let you know that I taught a strength training class in 3rd ward at our building(Steeple Chase) at 6am Tuesday and Thursdays. I plan to start the classes again Sept 15th. My plan is to include 2nd and 3rd wards in our building (stake center).Anyone choosing to join us will need 1-5lb hand weights and a yoga mat.I do legs on Tuesdays and arms on Thursdays. Stretching and Abs both days. 3rd ward is really excited to get going again. Also, If anyone has suggestions on different times - I am open, I want to use the time that works best for the majority. If there were enough that wanted a night class - I could do 2 different classes.
PS - I also have two glass bowls still at my house, left from all the yummy food - 1 is clear and the other is green with # is 244-5502 if anyone has questions or just come and get them.
Rachel Neeley

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