Friday, September 25, 2009



Don't forget that tomorrow (Sept 26) is the RS General Broadcast & "Share the Warmth" activity. Come at 5pm and bring your extra warm clothing & shoes to donate, help out with the project and enjoy dinner. Then at 6pm we will be watching the broadcast.

Hope to see you there!!

General Conference Kids Packets

Mary Bitner is helping us out again! Here are some websites where she has found fun (quiet!) activities for kids to do during General Conference - check them out! (several to choose from)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fruit from April!!

April has a bunch of peaches that have ripened to the point where they are probably just good for making jam - they are FREE for the taking - come on by!!!

Fruit from Jane!!

I have a few buckets of delicious Italian Prunes I am happy to share with anyone who'd like some. Call me or come to my home. - Jane Brinton

Stake Volleyball

The Stake Women are sponsoring a co-ed volleyball night every Thursday evening(except 10/1, 10/8, 11/5).
PLACE: Stake Center
TIME: 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
WHO: All interested adults
DATES: September 24 - November 19

Friday, September 18, 2009

Note from Tami.......

Last week that man of mine was just hankering for zucchini bread and guess who never got the zucchini going in the spring? Spaghetti squash bread simply didn’t seem to come up in the google attempt, neither did radish or broccoli bread. What’s a girl to do? She gets herself down to Rasumussen Farms and buys and I did say buys zucchini. The bread turned out to be fabulously tasty if I do say so myself but where are the days of zucchini and run. It was the game we played every fall where I grew up and I think I really miss it.

How about it girls are you in? Let’s play a round of vegetable Duck, Duck, Goose. Stand where you are, put your right arm up and pledge to never and I mean never pay for zucchini again. This is how it will be played. We will all put vine ripening vegetables on the blog and hear us now, only the great stuff that will go to waste because your family has put a ban on the 7 course tomato meals, you are too pooped to bottle, can or freeze more, or you are hoping that the patch will be taken over by vegetable fairies that will leave love in place of the look of labor on the vine.

Simply post your over abundance and see what miracles can occur. If you don’t have a garden, watch for your favorites to appear on this very screen and then cease the moment and hug a friend – you might offer her a slice of zucchini bread. Believe me she will think that she is the fortunate one.

Thanks girls!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how we love ya

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book Group

The book group will read "The Announcement of a Murder" by Agatha Christie and discuss it on Oct. 20 at the home of Ruth Ann Fererra. She lives at 14017 S. Osborne Lane. Copies are on "hold" at the library.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Presidency!!

More is changing than just the weather :)

While we are excited to welcome our new RS Presidency, we will also be sad to see the "Old Presidency" go - we all love them and appreciate so much their efforts in our behalf over the last three years!!

In case you didn't hear....the New Presidency is:
President - Tami Cutler
1st Couns - Marsha Neeley
2nd Couns - Jeanette Pixton
Secretary - Shirley Nault

Good Luck, Ladies - we're all pulling for you!!

Don't Forget!!

Things to Remember -

Tuesday Morning 9/15 - 10am - April Feller's home - quilting project
(I went on Thursday night, and even though there were only a couple of us, we had a great time - and managed to finish 2 quilts in a pretty short time!! Come and join in - it's great fun!)

Thursday Night 9/17 - 7-9pm - Jeanette Pixton's home - Terrific Tuesday Girls' Night Out......
we will have all the displays and sign-ups set up for you to come and peruse at your leisure...and, since it's our Girls' Night Out - of course there will be treats!!! Come & Join Us - we'd love to spend some time with you!! (Sign-ups & payments will be FINALIZED on Sunday 9/20!!)

Saturday Morning 9/19 - 8-10am - @ the Stake Center - 2nd Bi-Annual Clothing Swap - This was a Great Success last time, and this time we have combined with 2 other wards! Should be lots of great stuff :) Be sure to bring your items to Jolynn or Nancy before Saturday (clean & ready to be swapped!) - Any Questions?? Call either of them, they would be more than happy to help you out!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

YSA Activities

Calling all Young Single Adults: Come help your team win the "Battle of the Sexes Game Night!" Girls vs. Boys. Instead of just "hanging out" that night...bring all your friends to a BBQ Dinner and some healthy competition (kickball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, etc.) at the Draper Stake Pavillion, Friday, Sept starts at 6:30 pm!! Come enjoy the warm weather and outdoors for one last summer activity!

We would like you to know of a change in our Forum speakers and which nights they will be speaking.
Thurl Bailey will be tonight at 8:30pm with Elder John H. Groberg speaking next week, Sept. 16th.

Don't forget our great speakers which are:
Sept. 23rd -Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone;
Sept. 30 -John Hilton III;
Oct. 7th-Elder Robert E. Wells;
Oct. 14th-Elizabeth Craig;
Oct. 21-Dr. Ed Gholdston;
Oct. 28th-Michael Wilcox;
Nov. 4th-Colleen Terry;
Nov. 11th-TBA,
Nov. 18-President Curtis Dahl;
Dec. 2-Christmas Concert,
Dec 9th TBA.

(For future ease of reference, we have added a box on the sidebar where these activities will be listed - be sure to check back often!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exercise class

The building is scheduled for exercise classes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7am. We start next Tuesday, Sept. 15th. There is no charge, bring yoga mat and 1-5 hand weights. This is a guilt free, friends only environment. No matter what shape you are in now - come and improve on your current level of fitness. Thanks so much. Any questions email me @ or call 244-5502. ---Rachel Neeley.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!! Oct. 6th, 4-9 pm

Hope you are all looking forward to our annual Fall activity....Terrific Tuesday! You may have noticed the display table at church, but we are bringing it to you on the blog also! Please take a minute to look over the crafts available, and then sign up through Jeanette Pixton. There are sign-up sheets at the church (pink paper), or feel free to just give me a call at (801) 619-7099. Also, if you would be willing to bring a soup that night, let me know ASAP.

Stars: Large $25
Small $15
Halloween or Christmas

Set of 3 Wood Magnets $4.50

Set of 4 Tile Magnets $3.50

Large Jar $10
+$0.75 for vinyl
+$0.25 for vinyl names

Small Jars $1.75 (Merry Christmas, "Boo", Teacher's Treats....)
(not pictured)

Washer Necklaces $3.50

Cards $10

We also have a special item available to those interested.....Tami Cutler is able to get the same chandelier crystals that are in the Celestial Room at the Draper Temple. We have the opportunity to order those. You can turn it into a necklace, or just have it as a neat little momento of our beautiful temple. We need to know by Sunday, Sept. 13th if you want to order them. They are $6.00/each.

We will also be offering some fun classes.....Easy Everyday Bread, taught by Marsha Neeley, and Fabulous Fudge, taught by Melody Rasmussen. The cost is $1 for the bread class and $2 for the fudge class. Sign-up is available at the church or by calling Jeanette Pixton.

We need all orders and money by Sept. 20th!! We will only order if you have paid your money, so please don't forget! We look forward to a fun Fall evening with our wonderful sisters! And if you don't want to craft, come anyway and enjoy the good food and great company! Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Multi-ward Clothing Swap

Sat. Sept 19th @ Stake Center 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Everyone is invited to attend and participate. You don't have to give to take or vice-versa.
We will be having the clothing swap with the 5th and 6th wards. This should be lots of fun!
Please drop of your Clean clothing @ Jolynn Skousen's or Nancee Arnovich's Home on or before Sept 18th.

We could use some help setting things up Sat. morning (the 19th). If you could help please contact Jolynn Skousen @ 619-1221 or 750-5080. Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's "Lunch Bunch" Time!!
Tomorrow (Thursday 9/3)
North Pavillion @ Draper Park
bring a lunch along and come have some fun "Girl Time" :)

It’s quilting time!!

Our ward has a quilting project that requires us to complete a few more quilts. The quilts have been sewn, but need to be tied. These quilts need to be completed by the end of September. On Thursday, the evening of September 10th at 7 pm, we will meet at the home of Sharon Langston for quilt tying and treats. Sharon is due to have her baby soon, so if she has the little one before then, we will post the new location. Also, on Tuesday, the morning of September 15th at 10 am, we will have a 2nd quilting party at the home of April Feller.

Please let Nancee Arnovick or Jolynn Skousen know if you are interested and plan on attending either, or both of these events. We could really use your help, plus it will be a lot of fun!

Christopher Connelly

We're so happy to hear that Christopher's surgery went well yesterday. Jodi said it couldn't have gone better. He underwent some reconstructive repair around his eye socket after a diving accident. He is home and resting.