Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Preparedness Email 9/29

There are some yummy sounding recipes in this one....and of course LOTS of useful info - read on!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Up & Get Moving!!

Hi ladies!
I am needing more motivation to work out and want to start a new
class. I need some input from those of you that are interested. I
need specific times of when you would like to workout and what you
want to do.
Some ideas are:
Running group(stollers are welcome)
Step aerobics
Weight training. With small weights of course

Let me soon so we can get started
Rachel Neeley

Monday, September 27, 2010

Preparedness Email 9/22

oops - this one almost snuck past me!

Enjoy - and CLICK HERE!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Help Needed!

Brother & Sister Lindberg are asking for our help in serving the people in the Ward where they are serving their mission.  These people essentially have nothing more than lightweight clothing, so anything that ward members have that they would be willing to donate will be very much appreciated.  The sizes listed are what we received, so I hope it all makes sense.  Please call me if you have any questions about anything.  - Denise Lindberg
Items should be taken to the Lindberg's home.
Winter clothes for Springhill Branch members (coats, shirts, pants, shoes, gloves)
Sister (adult)
 Clothing size 2X or 20
 Shoe size 10
Brother (adult)
 Clothing size XL
 Shoe size ??
Sister (adult)
 Clothing size 11
 Shoe size 6 ½
Girl (16 years old)
 Clothing size "large"
 Shoe size 7
Girl (11 years old)
 Clothing size 16 (child size)
 Shoe size 3
Boy (11 years old)
 Clothing size 12
 Shoe size 3
Boy (3 months)
 Clothing size 6-12 months

Sad News....

Vervene Allen died last Thursday and the funeral will be tomorrow (Monday 9/27). She is the older lady that lived on 13400 S.  The one that Jane Brinton looked in on all the time.  Many of the ward members that have been here awhile will remember her because she was in the ward before it was split. - Tami

Looking for a Book...

The Book Club is wondering if anyone has a copy of "The Help" for the ward bookclub to borrow and read?  The wait at the library is too long.  If you do, please contact Jane Brinton because she is the coordinator. (801.571.1802)


Monday, September 20, 2010

Humanitarian Project Reminder!!

It's almost here!
Tomorrow (Tuesday 9/21)
at the church

we'll be sewing pillowcase dresses for Africa!

if you come, here are a few things to bring:

New or gently used (prewashed) pillowcases
·         Thread to sew the dresses together
·         Ribbon (1/2” wide) and approximately 40 long
·         Embellishments for the dresses if you want to add a little bling or cutesy thing on them

Thanks for all you do to provide service to those in need. See you on Tuesday!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


(Sunday 9/19)
is the LAST DAY to SIGNUP!!
 (for Terrific Tuesday projects, that is!!)

You won't want to miss out on any of our
SuperDuperSensationallyCute Projects!
So be sure to come by the table
(right outside the RS room!)
and don't forget your checkbook!
(we'll be set up before church, 
and we will hang around for a bit after!)

(ps - be sure to put the Terrific Tuesday date on your calendar!
it is Oct 5 - and we want to see you all there!
Remember, even if you don't want to do a craft project
there will be a Humanitarian Project set up to help on
and, of course, Yummy Dinner!!)

A Big Thanks....and a little request...

Dear Sisters,

There are a couple of reasons we are writing this letter. 

We first want to express thanks and gratitude for all of the love and support that we have received throughout this flood ordeal.  We are truly grateful for the great friends that surround us.  

Second, we would like to ask another favor on behalf of our families.  We have recently learned that Draper City is immune to any legal action taken against it for losses on flood waters.  Our intent has never been to pursue legal action but without any back end recourse, we feel that the possibility of the city fulfilling the claim is low.  We also want to see the park fixed so this doesn't happen again.  Therefore, we are asking anyone who witnessed the event on June 10, 2009 or August 19, 2010 or has otherwise strong feelings for the park to be fixed or has witnessed the damages to our homes, to write a letter or email and send it to the city.  

Again, we can't thank you enough for your support.  Please send a copy to all the addresses below and please cc (we would love to have them on file for our records.)

Warm Regards
Skousen and Mark families

Draper City Officials emails   Legal Secretary/Risk Management  City Public Works  City Engineer

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preparedness Email 9/16

This week's installment includes a recipe for homemade pesto, some storage solutions...and some great articles on the how's and why's of Food Storage - don't miss it!!


More Details on Sept. Humanitarian Project....

Attention Humanitarian Service Sisters:

For those of you who are planning on helping with the Dresses for Africa on Tuesday the 21st,  items to bring are:

·         New or gently used (prewashed) pillowcases
·         Thread to sew the dresses together
·         Ribbon (1/2” wide) and approximately 40 long
·         Embellishments for the dresses if you want to add a little bling or cutesy thing on them

Thanks for all you do to provide service to those in need. See you on Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Humanitarian Project!

Our September Relief Society Humanitarian project will be held on Tuesday, September 21st at 4 pm at the church. We will be making Dresses for Africa!  Emily Ashby has come up with this lovely idea, which should be a ton of fun. I’ve attached a link:
Little Dress For Africa Organization   as well as the  tutorial for the dresses that Emily created for you to view and see just what we’ll be making.  Please review the link and the tutorial if you are interested in attending the “club” meeting to aid in the efforts of Africa! We would love to see you there.

Please email Nancee Arnovick at if you planning to attend. You will need to bring pillow cases that can be made into the dresses and ribbon for the dresses.   If you have any questions, you can call Nancee Arnovick or Emily Ashby.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Terrific Tuesday 2010!!

Yep - it's That Time of the Year again!  Aren't you excited?!?  We are!  Here are the classes that we are offering this year - we really hope you will plan on joining us!!

Remember - 

Santa Towel - $5 (2 hrs)

Fabric Flowers - $3/ea (30 min)

Painted Monograms - $14 (1 hr)
(there will be an assortment of basic paint colors available,
if you think you might need something specific,
you might want to bring that with you)

Jute Monogram - $18 (1.5 hrs)

Menu Dry-Erase Board - $10 - (30 min)
(There will be an assortment of different papers for you to choose from)
(Due to a problem obtaining enough 12x12 frames, we will now be 
doing 11x14 frames...and hey - they're even cuter!!  They will 
use 2 coordinating papers, and will have a ribbon accent. 
There are a few 12x12's if you prefer those.)

Mini-Card Class - $8 (1 hr)
you will make 18 cards, envelopes are included!
(there will be an assortment of different papers to choose from)

Proverb Blocks - $4/ea (30 min)
you may choose your own proverb saying - but notice that there IS
a limited amount of space - if you have any questions, or need help
with your wording, call Adele!

Holiday Word Blocks - $15/set (1 hr)
** paper WILL vary!
(Note:  this project needs drying time in the middle of making it - 
so it would be best if you start on it first, then go to 
one of your other classes, or dinner, then come back to finish...
PLEASE do NOT leave this project until last!)

Christmas Countdown - $12 (1 hr)

Flying Witch - $16 (1 hr)

House Rules - $25 (1 hr)
** for this project you will need to bring THREE colors of paint,
and some matching ribbon, 3-5 pieces, 15" long **

Turkey - $18 (1hr)

Witchy Poo - $24 (1.5 hrs)

3 trees - $12 (1 hr)
(tallest is around 16-18")

Cake Pops - $1 (1 hr class)
** This class will be taught at 5:30pm **
(this is a demonstration class, and then you will make one or two pops
to get the feel of it)

Fortune Cookies - $1 (1 hr class)
** This class will be taught at 7:00pm **
(this is a demonstration class where you will make 1-2 cookies
for a hands-on experience)

AND :)
If that isn't enough - we will also have a
Humanitarian Project
going on that we would LOVE some help with!
(further details to follow!)

last but not least, we will be having a
Delicious Dinner!!
(6:30 pm)
(if you haven't had a chance to sign up to help bring
either a crockpot soup or a dessert, and would like to, 
the list will be going around again next Sunday - 
or you can call (or email!) either
Jeanette or Adele to let us know! 

whew!  Hope that was all clear - any questions??  Just call!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Preparedness Email 9/8

Just when you think there is nothing going on here on our lil' ol' blog....
along comes More Great Preparedness Info

whew - thanks, Ann!!

CLICK HERE to read all about it!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preparedness Email 9/1

Got Potatoes?

Well, then you will want to read this week's Preparedness Installment!!  (thanks, Ann!)