Friday, September 18, 2009

Note from Tami.......

Last week that man of mine was just hankering for zucchini bread and guess who never got the zucchini going in the spring? Spaghetti squash bread simply didn’t seem to come up in the google attempt, neither did radish or broccoli bread. What’s a girl to do? She gets herself down to Rasumussen Farms and buys and I did say buys zucchini. The bread turned out to be fabulously tasty if I do say so myself but where are the days of zucchini and run. It was the game we played every fall where I grew up and I think I really miss it.

How about it girls are you in? Let’s play a round of vegetable Duck, Duck, Goose. Stand where you are, put your right arm up and pledge to never and I mean never pay for zucchini again. This is how it will be played. We will all put vine ripening vegetables on the blog and hear us now, only the great stuff that will go to waste because your family has put a ban on the 7 course tomato meals, you are too pooped to bottle, can or freeze more, or you are hoping that the patch will be taken over by vegetable fairies that will leave love in place of the look of labor on the vine.

Simply post your over abundance and see what miracles can occur. If you don’t have a garden, watch for your favorites to appear on this very screen and then cease the moment and hug a friend – you might offer her a slice of zucchini bread. Believe me she will think that she is the fortunate one.

Thanks girls!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how we love ya

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