Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Recipes!!

Have you noticed?
Have you checked?
Do you know where to find them??

Scroll on down...down a little more - right there! In the right hand column, there is a listing of CC2 blogs! Now, some of them are active (the Scouts), some not so much (the YM)....but there is another treasure....the Recipe Blog!!

In lieu of attempting another ward cookbook, we are attempting to create a gathering place that is freely accessible by all where we can find our most sought after recipes. I have been adding some of the ones I have from past "recipe exchange" events, and eventually I will have the rest of those on there :)....also, there are a few salsa recipes that Marcela was kind enough to share with us from Salsa Night - and most recently there is Shirley's delicious Apple Butternut Squash Soup recipe from Terrific Tuesday!!

I know - isn't it great?? Now the next time you want one of those yummy ward recipes, you won't have to go digging through your piles of paper (oh come on, it can't just be me!! ;)....) you can just log on and find it (hint - use the "labels" to click and narrow your search!). Handy, right?

Know what else would be great?? If you shared some more recipes with all of us! I know there has been many requests for the rest of the soup recipes from Terrific Tuesday - so if you brought a soup, then share! :) It's super easy - just email it to me ( and I will get it Right On There!


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