Saturday, January 16, 2010

Preparedness Emails

We are so lucky! It's always a good thing to know someone who is doing something great - and this has happened to us :) Melody Rasmussen's sister-in-law is the Emergency Preparedness person for her ward (Draper 5th Ward) - and she send out these GREAT weekly emails FULL of a TON of useful information. Judy has spoken to her and she has agreed to share these emails with all of us, right here on our handy little blog! It's definitely a Good Thing - I always say - why re-invent the wheel? So - click on the link below, and read on, there is sure to be something useful there!

Preparedness Email 1/13

(FYI - since we are just starting this up, we are a little late on the uptake with this one, so some of the sale prices may have expired....sorry - we'll get better!)

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