Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Service Club Update

A great big  “Thank You” goes out to everyone who helped on our first Service Club service project! It was a huge success. We were able to complete 303 rice bags! What a blessing these bags will be to those in need. Sam Gilbert was the brains behind the project… Thank you Sam!! 

For February’s service project, Tami Cutler has signed up and has something really fun (with a touch of romance) planned - just in time for Valentine’s day!  We know that service outside the home is important, and we know that you all provide a lot of service.  Let’s not forget that service in the home is important too. Do you ever feel that sometimes, the ones we love the most get the short end of the service stick? Well, Tami has planned an event that will allow you to serve that special someone like you’ve never served before!!!

On Thursday, February 11th from 10 to 11 am, bring your husband’s car, or your child’s car, or even your car if your husband would think that would be a bigger gift to him, and come on over to the Cutler’s car wash (13800 S. 200 E.) and, at no cost to you, wash all the dirt of the day away for the one you love.   What a great way to say… I love you!!!

Come one, come all, and serve someone you love with a touch of clean that lets that special one know how much you care!!

See you there!

Nancee and Jolynn

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