Friday, March 26, 2010

Be Vigilant...Be Aware

This email was forwarded to us from the 5th Ward, and I felt like it was important enough that we should pass it along right away.  Not to scare you, but just to make us all more aware.

Dear 5th Ward Families:

We had two home invasions yesterday.  One at Loyal and Jennifer Hulme's (Lone Peak Meadows II) and the Warner's (Bellevue).  Please alert everyone you know via email in your respective neighborhoods.  Don't leave your garage doors open and lock your doors during the day.  Both of these invasions happened in the morning and afternoon.  The one person was a male between 20-30 years old wearing jeans and a black coat.  One of them tried the front door and also jumped over the fence gate and went to the glass sliding door and tried to enter.  The other one went into the garage (door up) and took credit cards from the homeowners purse that was in her car and has charged thousands of dollars in just one day.  DON'T LEAVE PURSES OR WALLETS IN YOUR CAR.  I left a voice mail message for the Draper City Police to patrol our neighborhoods more frequently over the next week. 

Be safe!

Mike Brinton
Be alert and lock everything even if you are just going to be gone a few  minutes.  Thieves wait and watch and know when you leave.  Be careful when you go to Church to lock your home and set your home security alarm, if you have one.  We don't want this to happen to you!!

Here's the details from the two homeowners in Lone Peak Meadows II and Bellevue who experienced the home invasions:
My car was broken into and my purse was stolen today.  Thousands of dollars have been spent on my cards.  My garage door was open for about an hour today.  I talked to some people where my card was used at Buckle and they said it was 2 middle age women.  One was heavier set with brown hair and the other had short red hair.  She said she had an 11 year old daughter.  They also purchased stuff for her boyfriend.  I can't believe that someone would do such a thing.  Please pass this on to everyone you can.
Jami Warner

Hi Neighbors,

This email is to make you aware of a near break in this morning (3/25) at around 8:00 am.  I was taking children to school, and left my 9 year old daughter at home alone.  I was only gone for ten minutes, but during that time a man tried to break into our home.  My daughter saw him through the front window approach our house.  He then tried to open our locked front door, and shook it several times.  He then jumped our locked fence, and proceeded to try and open our sliding back door.  The door was secured with a stick in its track, and he was only able to slide it two inches open.  He tried several times and then ran away from our house, heading south.  The man was white, between 20 - 30 years of age, had dark hair, a black coat, and was wearing jeans.  The police found nothing when they arrived, but advised that we all need to be cautious of our surroundings.  Most importantly, do not leave garage doors open.  There are many thefts due to easy access to your belongings.  Also, keep your gates locked.  Although this man jumped our fence, usually a locked gate will deter the intruder.  Also, for those of you who have an alarm system, if an intruder enters a home and hears the alarm beeping, they usually flee immediately.  Loyal and I have become lax with ours, and only set it at night, but after this morning that will change. 
We live in a great neighborhood, with wonderful neighbors.  We just wanted you to be aware, so you can all be a little more diligent in noticing our surroundings, suspicious behavior, and take the steps necessary to keep your family safe.

Jen Hulme

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