Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Save the Date!!

Guess what?
they're refinishing the floor in our gym!
(who knew?  not us!!)
all that Great Planning Ahead we did?
we're gonna have to be a bit flexible!
NEW date for our Quarterly Activity:
WED. 5/12
(yup, we know, it's a Wednesday - we're so sorry!)
in FACT....we've talk with the YW President, 
and they are willing to cancel their class activities 
so that all of their Women can join us!
and, even Better - the YW will be available on an "on call" basis
to earn some Service Hours babysitting - 
if you need that help so that you can join us!
(cause, TruST Me - you're gonna wanna!)

do your best to work it out
and get it on your calendar, 
cause TruST Me ;)  - - - - 
you do NOT want to miss this one!!!
let's just say - Great Fun will be had by ALL!
(more details to follow, soon!)

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