Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Write to those Missionaries:

Several sisters asked Linda for Ashley's address yesterday so she is passing the following information along!  This information is helpful to anyone wanting to write a missionary (it's free for letters going to the Provo MTC and just the cost of the stamp for letters going to missionaries around the world).

This is the easiest, fastest, least-expensive way to write Ashley Miller (or any other sister or elder in the MTC).  There is no stamp cost or trip to the post office.  You don't need to open an account or log in.

Go to:
click write a letter (top orange tab)
enter MTC Provo in Letter Selection area
click write a letter
fill in your name, address, etc. in the provided fields
fill in Ashley's information in the provided fields:
        Sister Ashley Miller
        108    TAIW-TCG    0324
scroll down
it will ask for your email address which you can give if you would like them to send you a copy - otherwise, you don't need to enter it.
scroll down
write letter in provided box (up to 7900 characters)
click check spelling
click send letter

That's it!  It's awesome! They will make a hard copy, put it in an envelope, and deliver it to her MTC mailbox.  If you write it before noon, she will get it the same day.  Otherwise, she'll get it the next day.

Remember:  This service will also send letters to missionaries all over the world for the cost of the stamp.

Good to know!  (Thanks, Linda!)

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