Sunday, February 27, 2011

RS Birthday Celebration!!

We know this may SEEM like short notice, but remember?  We told you to put this on your calendar weeks and weeks and weeks ago!  :)  This will be a very fun evening, you will NOT want to miss out, and we will NOT want to be there without YOU!!

We have already paid for and reserved space for 60 ladies, so there is PLENTY of room for YOU!!  Please check your calendar, and do your best to join us for this wonderful evening!

Call either Jeanette 801.619.7099 or Adele 801.576.1089 to let us know you can come (or are at least going to do your best to come)!  Otherwise, we will start hunting you down!  ;)

Seriously, though - this is supposed to be a truly wonderful event, and we would love to enjoy it with you!


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