Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Terrific Tuesday - Signup Info

Just a little "clarification":

* YES - you do have to sign up for the classes ahead of time!  Otherwise, there will be no supplies for you :(

* Displays will be out again this upcoming Sunday (10/21) at church (outside the RS room) - they will be there before church starts, and until the crowd in front of them is gone after church

* We will be having an Open House on Tuesday (10/23) at Meisha Allred's home from 7-9pm.... this will be the LAST CHANCE to sign up for the classes....money is also due at this time!

Hope this helps....and Hope to see you all there!!

(remember EVERYONE is invited to come and join us for dinner, whether you take a class or not - it's a great opportunity to spend a bit of time visiting with all the wonderful ladies around us!)

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