Monday, November 5, 2012

Terrific Tuesday Details

Good Morning Ladies!!

Here we are - Terrific Tuesday Week!  Hope you all are as excited to join us tomorrow as we are to have you!  Here are just a few little details so that everything can run smoothly:

Start time: 5:00pm
Crafts will be going until 6:30  (If this changed time frame is going to be a problem for you, PLEASE let us know and we will do our best to be accommodating!)
Dinner will be served at 6:30
the "dinner program" (while you are still eating) will be Holiday Fun - Jody has some great info to share with us all, come prepared to be inspired!
Pie Crust Class:  7:30 - followed by the Pie Filling are welcome to attend either or both of these classes, or to just hang out and visit

For a few of the classes there are some supplies that it would be VERY helpful for you to bring (if you don't hopefully you sit by someone nice who will share with you, lol).....

Shadow Boxes - please bring scissors and your credit, ok - any stiff edged card will do - it's for applying your vinyl!  (we will have some there, but if you don't want to have to wait it helps to have your own)

HoHoHo Wreath - please bring scissors that will be good for cutting the burlap

Emergency Binder class - everything will be ready for you to assemble, it should only take you a short time, maybe 10 minutes - and you are all getting a bit of a refund....bonus!

Subway Art - remember that you need to provide your own frame, but really - it isn't all that necessary to bring it with you - this is something you will be able to just pick up the supplies for and put together at home if that is easier for you :)

Picket Fence Sign, Twine Flowers, Pie Filling Class - everything will be provided for you....just show up!  (lucky you!)

Pie Crust class - EVERYONE will need:  mixing bowl, rolling pin, pie plate (8-9"), pastry blender (if you have it, otherwise we will use knives from the kitchen), 1/2 c measuring cup (you are going to learn the Proper Way to measure flour - this will help in all your baking - yay!), and a paring knife if you have one and want (these will be easier to share)

Thanks so much for helping out by bringing these items, it certainly makes our teacher's lives a lot easier!  Look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow!!

(If you signed up to bring food you will be getting a separate reminder, thanks!!)

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