Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good News - 4/19/09

Here is some of the "Good News" that was shared in RS today:

Monica Sturdevant shared that she & Charlie & their girls will be sealed as a family in the Salt Lake Temple on April 30, their anniversary!

Shawn & Florencia Mikkelson will be being sealed this Thursday.........

And - (keeping the temples busy!) - Dustin & Andrea Miller will be sealed to their baby Avery very soon - Congrats to all!!

Linda Douglas' grandson was called to serve a mission in India.

Linda Miller will be heading to Florida with her son, Jake, as he competes in a national competition - good luck!

(Not "Good" news, but Important News, nonetheless!!) - Cutler's house was broken into around 1 am in the morning the night after they got back in town this past week --baseball bat through the front window. She says get your mail each day, pick up your newspapers and leave your porch light on at night.

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  1. Good News from China!!! Hello my dear sisters! I have missed you all more than you will ever know!!! We are coming home the first of June and cannot wait to be a part of CC 2nd for the whole summer! We have had a challenging but good year here. I have to have knee surgery in Hong Kong this week and even though I will not be able to run in Corner Canyon this summer, I will still be able to do the activity I love most---visiting with all of you!!! I love you and I miss you! Love, Hollee