Sunday, November 29, 2009

Letter from Trudy........Update on donations to the jail

Hi Tami,

I guess Floyd heard some incorrect information on the donations for scriptures for the women's branch at the jail. Only money can be accepted, because they are a certain kind that has been approved by the administrators. Some have wanted to include a written testimony and have it be a family project. Unfortunately, these will not be allowed. We can not even give out returned copies because of any writing with intended or non-intended messages they may contain. Hope this can be cleared up. I wouldn't want people who donated to be disappointed. Money (checks) can only be accepted by sending it to the branch presidency. We will try to get some donation envelopes for anyone who needs one.
President A Gregory Brown
Metropolitan 2nd Branch
6071 Macondray Circle
Murray, Ut 84123
Also on another note: Some sisters have asked about yarn. This needs to be certain colors and certain brands. This is because more than one sister may work on a blanket and they need to be laundered before we donate them to Primary Children's Hospital. The content may be unknown, so a blanket with different colors may partly shrink, leaving it un-useable. These are the specifications:
Brand Red Heart Super Saver
Type Worsted Medium (4) Net Wt 7 0z
Colors 0724 Baby Pink, 0381 Light Blue, 0311 White, 0345 Baby Print, 0322 Pale Yellow
Or one other is the BERNAT brand Baby Sport Color: B#MP230 Mint.
The Yarn described above is usually available at Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann Fabric and other Craft Stores( Roberts, Michaels etc,)

Maybe this information can be included on our Relief Society Web page so our sisters can refer to it if needed. (absolutely, perfect place for it!!)
Thanks for all you do, Love, Trudy Nielsen

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