Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sending Condolences....

Judy Richins' father passed away Sunday evening at the ripe age of 91, given one more month he would have been 92. A rich and full life if you ask Judy. As the founder of Layton Construction the monuments to his life are all around us. His company along with two others built the Conference Center and afterward they had the privilege of working on the Nauvoo Temple as well, he was the contractor for the Harold B. Lee Library along with other buildings on BYU's campus. His last big project before he retired was the Jordan River Temple. Even with all these credits to his name and to his continuing company, his greatest success is found in Judy and her brothers and sisters and the love of his wife who has been by his side for 60+ years.

Watch for the obituary in the Deseret News on Thursday. Our love is with you Judy!

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