Sunday, September 26, 2010

Help Needed!

Brother & Sister Lindberg are asking for our help in serving the people in the Ward where they are serving their mission.  These people essentially have nothing more than lightweight clothing, so anything that ward members have that they would be willing to donate will be very much appreciated.  The sizes listed are what we received, so I hope it all makes sense.  Please call me if you have any questions about anything.  - Denise Lindberg
Items should be taken to the Lindberg's home.
Winter clothes for Springhill Branch members (coats, shirts, pants, shoes, gloves)
Sister (adult)
 Clothing size 2X or 20
 Shoe size 10
Brother (adult)
 Clothing size XL
 Shoe size ??
Sister (adult)
 Clothing size 11
 Shoe size 6 ½
Girl (16 years old)
 Clothing size "large"
 Shoe size 7
Girl (11 years old)
 Clothing size 16 (child size)
 Shoe size 3
Boy (11 years old)
 Clothing size 12
 Shoe size 3
Boy (3 months)
 Clothing size 6-12 months

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