Sunday, September 12, 2010

Terrific Tuesday 2010!!

Yep - it's That Time of the Year again!  Aren't you excited?!?  We are!  Here are the classes that we are offering this year - we really hope you will plan on joining us!!

Remember - 

Santa Towel - $5 (2 hrs)

Fabric Flowers - $3/ea (30 min)

Painted Monograms - $14 (1 hr)
(there will be an assortment of basic paint colors available,
if you think you might need something specific,
you might want to bring that with you)

Jute Monogram - $18 (1.5 hrs)

Menu Dry-Erase Board - $10 - (30 min)
(There will be an assortment of different papers for you to choose from)
(Due to a problem obtaining enough 12x12 frames, we will now be 
doing 11x14 frames...and hey - they're even cuter!!  They will 
use 2 coordinating papers, and will have a ribbon accent. 
There are a few 12x12's if you prefer those.)

Mini-Card Class - $8 (1 hr)
you will make 18 cards, envelopes are included!
(there will be an assortment of different papers to choose from)

Proverb Blocks - $4/ea (30 min)
you may choose your own proverb saying - but notice that there IS
a limited amount of space - if you have any questions, or need help
with your wording, call Adele!

Holiday Word Blocks - $15/set (1 hr)
** paper WILL vary!
(Note:  this project needs drying time in the middle of making it - 
so it would be best if you start on it first, then go to 
one of your other classes, or dinner, then come back to finish...
PLEASE do NOT leave this project until last!)

Christmas Countdown - $12 (1 hr)

Flying Witch - $16 (1 hr)

House Rules - $25 (1 hr)
** for this project you will need to bring THREE colors of paint,
and some matching ribbon, 3-5 pieces, 15" long **

Turkey - $18 (1hr)

Witchy Poo - $24 (1.5 hrs)

3 trees - $12 (1 hr)
(tallest is around 16-18")

Cake Pops - $1 (1 hr class)
** This class will be taught at 5:30pm **
(this is a demonstration class, and then you will make one or two pops
to get the feel of it)

Fortune Cookies - $1 (1 hr class)
** This class will be taught at 7:00pm **
(this is a demonstration class where you will make 1-2 cookies
for a hands-on experience)

AND :)
If that isn't enough - we will also have a
Humanitarian Project
going on that we would LOVE some help with!
(further details to follow!)

last but not least, we will be having a
Delicious Dinner!!
(6:30 pm)
(if you haven't had a chance to sign up to help bring
either a crockpot soup or a dessert, and would like to, 
the list will be going around again next Sunday - 
or you can call (or email!) either
Jeanette or Adele to let us know! 

whew!  Hope that was all clear - any questions??  Just call!!

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